Second Chair Dev

Our Focus

tripleNERDscore focuses on bringing you the right solution for your problems. It may sound cliché, but we are zealous about:


We provide the best solution for the problem you need solved.


We provide solutions that arrive when you need them.


We provide solutions that arrive when you need them.

Our Web Work

Your website is your business' front door. People come to your website first to find you and to begin building trust. This is why our team of developers and designers at tripleNERDscore works diligently to make sure your site can be found and represents your brand and business well.


Your content, your control! Keep your site up to date, or have us manage it for you!

Maximum Functionality

Capture your leads, get your analytics, add your media. Your site will do what you need it to do!

Modern, Mobile-first Design

Your customers are checking you out on their phone, so your site will be beautiful when they see it!

Server Management

We can host your site and make sure that it stays up, even during the heaviest traffic!

Our App Work

Most people run their business from several different locations and often feel like nothing gets accomplished in a day’s work. App overload doesn’t need to contribute to the complexity of your work!

tripleNERDscore provides simple, custom app solutions, from an MVP (minimum viable product) that’s been burning in your mind to enterprise solutions serving your multi-national company.

Business Logic

You know your industry! Shape your application around your business logic!


Your app, your functionality, done in a way that works for your users!


As your user base grows, your app will scale with you!

Any Device

Apps that work on any device: Laptop computers, mobile applications, watches, IoT.

Second Chair Development

Even great developers find themselves stuck sometimes. The tripleNERDscore team will work with you, the lead developer, to assist with problems you run into with your clients. Think of us as your secondary development team...we work with you to address problems and provide custom development services to make your job easier. Your project will continue as projected, and we stay in the background while your work shines.

The Hours You Need

We provide the amount of hours you need to accomplish what your projects require.

Your Tech Stack

We have team members of all levels of experience, in a variety of tech stacks.

Projects Of Any Size

Small website? Large enterprise application? We've done it all and can help you accomplish what you're looking for.

No Fear

We don't mind stepping in to messes! If you have a problem, we're here to help!

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